Lighting & Heating

A wonderful range of tropical lighting and heating products for both tropical fish experts and beginners

Watermarque’s tropical lighting and heating selection has everything you need to set up the optimum tropical aquarium for your tropical fish. Browse our wide choice of products from leading suppliers such as EHEIM, CIANO and Juwel now!


Easily control temperature within your tropical aquarium

With Watermarque’s competitively priced tropical heating products including the Juwel Aqua heat aquarium heater (200W) that is TV/GS certified and the Dennerle Nano aquarium thermometer, the power is in your hands. Select perfect temperatures (Watermarque recommends a temperature ranging from 25-27 Celsius degrees for your tropical aquarium) and monitor them with ease with helpful hanging thermometers.


Light the way with our tropical lighting selection

Provide optimal lighting in your tropical tank with Watermarque’s choice of aquarium lighting. All of the tropical lighting products we stock are energy efficient and reliable, allowing you to provide faultless lighting for your tropical aquarium. 

We take pride in providing our customers with quick and easy ordering processes, as well as speedy delivery (including free next day delivery on all orders over £50).

If you’re unsure about which tropical lighting and heating accessories will be right for you, why not give us a call on 01278 661900, or drop us an email at sales@watermarque.co.uk.


We’re always happy to help you with any enquiries you may have.

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  1. Arcadia Fluorescent Starter Switch FS2 15/20w
  2. Arcadia Fluorescent Starter Switch FSU
  3. Arcadia Lamp Reflector 24" 18w
  4. Arcadia Lamp Reflector 30" 25w
  5. Arcadia Lamp Reflector 42" 38w
  6. Arcadia Lamp Reflector 48" 36w
  7. Arcadia Lamp Reflector 60" 58w
  8. Arcadia Metal Halide Lamp - Double Ended - 20000K 150W
  9. Arcadia Overtank Luminaire Suspension Kit
  10. Arcadia Replacement Pigmy Light Bulb
  11. Arcadia T5 Lamp Reflector 22" 24w
  12. Arcadia T5 Lamp Reflector 34" 39w
  13. Arcadia T5 Lamp Reflector 46" 54w
  14. Arcadia T5 Plastic Spring Clips 5/8" x 2
  15. Arcadia T5 Stainless Steel Clips x 2
  16. Arcadia T5 Ultra Seal Controller 24w & 39w
  17. Arcadia T5 Ultra Seal Controller 54w
  18. Arcadia T5 Ultra Seal Double Lamp Controller 24W & 39W
  19. Arcadia T5 Ultra Seal Double Lamp Controller 54W
  20. Arcadia T8 Plastic Spring Clips 1" x 2

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