If tropical fish is your passion, you'll find everything you need to properly look after your treasured pets right here at the Watermarque webstore. And, don't forget, you can also buy all the advertised products in this Tropical section at our superstores in beautiful Somerset.

Aquariums, food, auto fish feeders, thermometers, filters, water testing products... WOW. All these high quality aquatics items, and many more, are all here, available to buy at competitive prices.

Enjoy browsing our diverse range and then simply stock up on the products you need, all sourced from leading manufacturers and suppliers. Featured brands for tropical items include CIANO, Betta, Tetra, Clear-Seal, and other top names.

Everything you need to get started

If you've always wanted tropical fish at home, but have put it off till now, perhaps that was because you simply didn't know where to start when it came to setting up an aquarium. Don't worry. One call to our friendly staff here at Watermarque will get you on your way.

We can provide you with all the equipment you need for setting up well as supplying you with everything you'll require from then on, including:

  • Fish Food
  • Lighting 
  • Gravel, rocks and sand 
  • Air pumps and blowers
  • Control units
  • O2 Dosing Equipment
  • Filters
  • And more...


Needing high quality tropical fish products and food? Look no further

What type of tropical aquarium is your particular preference? Novices should really kick off with something quite big. The environment is far easier to maintain control of if you invest in something like a 20-gallon tank. We can provide you with one of those, with ease. And if you're an experienced fish lover, we've got lots of aquarium options for you too.


Adjust the water temperature, almost effortlessly 


Feeding your fish a couple of times a day, with small amounts of food, is pretty easy to do. And you can keep your aquarium light on for up to 12 hours daily (although it's probably best to keep that to 10 hours max, to be on the safe side – fish just prefer it that way!). But how often should you check your tank's water temperature? Well, 78ºF is optimal. Any higher than that, and you might have problems.


Amongst the wide range of products available to buy from Watermarque are good quality thermometers and hydrometers, which will allow you to control your tank's water temperature, quickly and with very little effort. You love your fish. Don't take chances. Invest in a good water temperature tester and then enjoy peace of mind.


FREE next day delivery (when you spend over £50)


Amongst our varied stock is a whole host of aquatics product options, not 'just' aquariums. Enjoy taking a look at and reading all about our market leading equipment and consumable products, including foods, heaters and heater holders, under gravel filters, thermometers, condensation trays, plants, light units and more – everything you need to do this properly, to get the most from it, but without it costing you a ridiculous amount*.


For higher priced goods,0% finance is available, helping you to spread the cost

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  1. 2 Way Controlled Airline Valve White (3 pcs)
  2. 2 Way Controlled Airline Valve Yellow (3 pcs)
  3. 2 Way Plastic Airline Valve Black W/Base (3 pcs)
  4. 6mm Straight Connector (5 pcs / Bag)
  5. 6mm T-Piece (3 pcs / Bag)
  6. 7400008 - Eheim Filter Media Mesh Bag 2L
  7. Acu-Dose Co2 Pressure Regulator (587)
  8. Air Action Beetle Car Aquarium Ornament
  9. Air Action Clam - Medium Aquarium Ornament
  10. Air Action Crocodile Aquarium Ornament
  11. Air Action Treasure Chest Aquarium Ornament
  12. Amazon 24" Grey Bardolino Aquarium & Cabinet
  13. Amazon 24" Pasadena Pine Aquarium & Cabinet
  14. Amazon 36" Grey Bardolino Aquarium & Cabinet
  15. Amazon 36" Pasadena Pine Aquarium & Cabinet
  16. Amazon 48" Grey Bardolino Aquarium & Cabinet
  17. Amazon 48" Pasadena Pine Aquarium & Cabinet
  18. Amphorra Aquarium Ornament
  19. API Algae Scraper - Acrylic
  20. API Algae Scraper - Glass

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