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Our stores are now open! If you prefer we are still offering the click and collect service for our North Petherton and Yeovil stores. Once your order is ready, we'll call you to arrange a suitable day/time to pick up your goods. More details are available here *
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Other Substrates

  1. Aspen Bed Terrain 6L
  2. Lucky Reptile Humus Brick
  3. Lucky Reptile Mini Brick
  4. Lucky Reptile Sphagnum Moss Brick 100g
  5. PR Beech Chip Coarse 5L
  6. PR Beech Chip Fine 5L
  7. PR Ground Walnut Grit 5L
  8. PR Vermiculate Coarse 5L
  9. Zoo Med Eco Earth (1 Brick) EE-10
  10. Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding 4.4L cm-4
  11. Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding 8.8L cm-8
  12. Zoo Med Repti Bark 24QT RB-24
  13. Zoo Med Repti Bark 4QT RB-4
  14. Zoo Med Repti Bark 8QT RB-8
  15. Zoo Med Terrarium Moss Medium 1.8L CF2-M