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Housing Accessories

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  1. Betta Extra Small Reptile Dark Water Dish
  2. Betta Large Reptile Dark Feed Dish
  3. Betta Large Reptile Dark Water Dish
  4. Betta Medium Reptile Dark Feed Dish
  5. Betta Medium Reptile Dark Water Dish
  6. Betta Small Reptile Dark Water Dish
  7. Cork Plate per kg (H023)
  8. Curly-Wing Flies Pre-Pack
  9. Eheim miniFLAT Vivarium Pump
  10. Hatch Tub Large
  11. Komodo Habitat Lock
  12. Lr Super Rain Nano SRN-1UK
  13. Lucky Reptile Coco Cave 10 - 14cm
  14. Lucky Reptile Ivy Vine 200cm
  15. Lucky Reptile Philo Vine 200cm
  16. Lucky Reptile Pump-Up Sprayer 1.5L
  17. Red Moor Wood Small per kg (H036s)
  18. Tronchos per kg (H024)
  19. Vivexotic Sliding Glass Door Lock
  20. Wine Wood L 80cm-100cm (H031) *terrarium use*

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