Live Food

IMPORTANT: Orders need to be in by 9am Monday so we can ensure live foods are fresh for Wednesday click and collect.

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  1. Adult Locust 50-60mm Pre-Pack
  2. Bag of Morio Worms (500g)
  3. Dubia Roaches 25-30mm 8 Pack
  4. Earthworms 50-75mm Tub of 15
  5. Large Black Crickets 18-25mm Tub
  6. Large Brown Crickets 19-22mm Tub
  7. Large Calci Worms 10mm 25g Tub
  8. Large Locust 4th Hopper 28-32mm Pre-Pack
  9. Locust 4th Hopper 28-32mm Bulk Box (Approx 100)
  10. Mealworms 18-26mm 500g Bulk Bag
  11. Mealworms 18-26mm 60g Tub
  12. Medium Black Crickets 4th 12-18mm Tub
  13. Medium Brown Crickets 4th 12-14mm Tub
  14. Medium Brown Crickets 4th Bulk Bag (1000)
  15. Medium Locust 3rd Hopper 18-24mm Pre-Pack
  16. Micro Brown Crickets 1st 3mm Tub
  17. Morioworms 40-50mm 40g Tub
  18. Small Black Crickets 2nd 6-8mm Tub
  19. Small Brown Crickets 2nd 6-8mm Tub
  20. Small Fruit Fly Bulk Pot

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