Tetra Initial Sticks 200g 250ml


Tetra Initial Sticks plant food transforms gravel into fertile substrate. This is great for use when setting up new aquariums as these sticks will provide plants with long term minerals and essential nutrients for up to 1 year. This 200g pack is sufficient for 200 litres of aquarium water.

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Tetra Initial Sticks:

Creates a nutrient-rich substrate enabling you to grow beautiful, strong, aquarium plants.
Ideal for use when setting up an aquarium.
Promotes fast plant growth which helps prevent algae forming.
Includes valuable natural and mineral components such as humic substances, clay minerals, and iron.
Provides plants with essential nutrients for at least 1 year.
For use in tropical and coldwater aquariums.
Planting tips:

For intensive fertilisation, we recommend the additional use of Tetra PlantaMin (to take nutrients through their leaves), Tetra Crypto tablets (root growth) and a Tetra CO₂ Optimat Kit (carbon source). Combine all these together for the ultimate plant growing experience!

200g of sticks is sufficient for 200 litres of aquarium water
Dosage 1g per 1 litre, (1 tablespoon = approx. 25g for 25 litres).
Mix with gravel.

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