Tetra Complete Substrate for Plants 10kg


Tetra Complete Substrate is a nutrient-rich planting medium with slow-release enrichment for beautiful aquarium plants. Contains all the nutrients and elements to get plants growing in new tanks. Available 2.5kg, 5kg and 10kg packs.

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Why is healthy plant growth so important for the aquarium?

Aquarium plants are not only decorative, offering aquarium inhabitants natural hiding places and shelter but they also influence the biochemical processes positively, thus ensuring an optimum biological balance in the aquarium.


Create the vital oxygen for fish and microorganisms during the daytime.
Help to biologically clean the water, breaking down pollutants.
Inhibit the growth of algae, out competing it for nutrients.
For these reasons, it is vitally important that you give your plants a good substrate to grow in.

Tetra Complete Substrate for plants:

Contains slow-release fertiliser with long-lasting results.
Natural product enriched with specific micro-nutrients, minerals, black peat, trace elements, and a high content of humic substances to create a balanced soil structure.
Optimised quartz sand mixture allows for rapid root development and promotes the circulation of water.
Encourages plants to establish quickly, promoting strong roots.
Stimulates strong and healthy plant growth.
Contains slow-release iron, for rich green leaves.
Ideal for use when setting up new aquariums.
Does not contain nitrate or phosphate, the main food sources for algae.
Ready to use.

Place a 2-4cm layer on the bottom, to provide a base structure for plant roots.
Top-dress with a 4cm layer of Tetra Active Substrate (recommended) or your chosen (inert) gravel.
Planting tips:

Use in combination with a Tetra CO₂ Optimat Set for a carbon source. This makes a world of difference in nearly all planted aquariums.
Tetra PlantaMin liquid plant food is recommended if you have plants which need to absorb their nutrients through their leaves.
Tetra Crypto tablets or Initial Sticks can also be used if you have plants such as Crytocoryne’s or Amazon Swords which need to absorb their nutrients through their roots.

Tropical and coldwater biotopes.
Suitable for use in aquariums up to 240 litres.

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