Supa-Natural Shrimp Cocktail 3L


Supa Natural Foods are high protein, supplementary foods or treats to be fed with complete foods during warmer weather.

They are highly nutritious, highly palatable, and are suitable for all types of pond fish, especially koi, as well as Turtles and Terrapins.

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Mix of River Shrimp and Gammarus. Available in 1L and 3L pack sizes.


  • Various dried shrimps and Gammarus.

Typical analysis:

  • Protein 46.2%, Oil 10%, Fibre 5.7%, Ash 21.7%.


Feeding Guide:

  • Feed 2 or 3 times daily when the water temperature is 10°c (50°f) or above.
  • It is advisable not to feed your fish once the water temperature falls below 10°c (50°f) due to the slowing of their natural metabolisms.
  • Feed as much Shrimp Cocktail as your fish can consume in a few minutes. Excess floating food should then be removed.

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