Royal Nature Ion Balanced Pro Salt 23kg Bucket


The salt that was chosen as expert’s choice, Royal Nature Ion Balanced Pro Salt is a premium formulated super homogenous salt for use in reef aquariums.

This 23kg bucket makes up to 690L of saltwater at a specific gravity of 1.0264 or 35.5ppt.

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Royal Nature Ion Balanced Pro Salt is an advanced formula. It is a special blend that begins with a pure natural salt harvested from the Red Sea, enriched with macro elements, and many more micro elements in a special blend enabling super homogeneity and a delicate balance of all ions. This special chemistry enables Royal Nature Ion Balanced Pro Salt to be ready for use after only 30 minutes of mixing without any sedimentation or cloudiness.

Free from ammonia, phosphates and nitrates, Royal Nature Ion Balanced Natural Salt is made using the highest standards of purity and chemistry, giving you a more efficient mixing method, and allowing you to have crystal clear water with the best parameters that will ensure the best results for the most natural and refreshing environment for even the most delicate corals and fish.

Detailed composition of the main parameters of natural seawater v Royal Nature at 35.5ppt



Sodium Na

10,800 11,000 10,500-11,500

Chloride Cl

19,400 20,000 19,000-20,500

Magnesium Mg

1290 1320 1290-1390
Calcium Ca 411 420


Potassium K 392 400


Sulfur S 904 900


Bromine Br

67.3 70 60-75

Strontium Sr

8.1 8 7.5-8.5

Phosphate P

0.088 0.08


Nitrate NO₃ 0.068 0.06


Silicon Si 2.9 2.9


Iodine I

0.064 0.07 0.058-0.070
Molybdenum MO 0.01 0.01


Zinc Zn

0.005 0.01 0.005-0.020

Ferric Fe

0.0034 0.004 0.003-0.005
Copper Cu 0.0009 0.0004


Lithium Li

0.17 0.1 0.1-0.2
Boron Bo 4.45 4.5


Carbon C

28 30


Nitrogen Ion 15.5 15


Fluorine F

13 12


dKH 6.9 9


pH 8.2-8.4 8.3



Directions of use:

  • The volume of salt water that can be made from a single bucket 23kg of Royal Nature Ion Balanced Pro Salt depends on the required SG or PPT of the final solution. In order to get to a specific gravity of -1.0264 = 35.5 PPT, we recommend mixing 1 kg of Royal Nature Ion Balanced Pro Salt with 26 litres of RO water using circulating pump.
  • The resulting salt water is ready for use when the salt is completely dissolved, a process that should take about 30 minutes. Best results are at temperature of 24-25 c (74-76 F). Check salinity with a reliable and calibrated refractometer and add salt or water to achieve the correct level. We recommend monitoring water parameters before adding it to the tank.
  • A weekly partial water change of 10-12% using Royal Nature Ion Balanced Pro salt will ensure balance of all macro and micro elements with their natural values.

Caution: In case of replacing any synthetic salt with Royal Nature Ion Balanced Pro Salt please make sure that the first water change does not exceed more than 3-4%, the second Water Change of 5-6%, the third Water Change of 8-10%. Regular Water Change – not more than 25% at a time.

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