Repti Planet UVB Tropical T8 Tube 5.0 75cm 25w


Repti Planet UVB Tropical Bulb 5.0 provides the ideal level of UVB to imitate shady rainforests and tropical areas.

For best results use in combination with other Repti Planet bulbs such as Infrared Heat.

Suitable for all tropical and sub-tropical reptiles.

Available in 5 sizes, from 14w to 30w.

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  • Provides ideal UVB intensity radiation helping to convert vitamin D3, to make sure calcium is absorbed.
  • UVB radiation is part of sunlight, which is important for the health of terrarium creatures and preventing metabolic diseases.
  • The intensity of UVB radiation in bulbs decreases during use (by more than 50% over 1 year). Regular replacement ensures optimal UVB intensity.
  • Effective up to 30 cm (the minimum recommended distance from the source is 10cm)
  • Includes UVA rays that stimulate activity, appetite, and reproductive behaviour.

When selecting a bulb, it is necessary to consider not only the type of UVB bulb, but also the species of animal to be bred and the distance of the creature from the source of UVB radiation.

Available in 5 different T8 linear sizes:

  • 38cm – 14w
  • 45cm – 15w
  • 60cm – 20w
  • 75cm – 25w
  • 90cm – 30w

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