Repti Planet All in One UVA/UVB Solar Bulb 125w


Repti Planet All in One Solar Bulb provides the ideal proportion of UVA/UVB light and heat radiation in one bulb.

It simulates natural sunlight, helps to prevent metabolic bone disease, and supports natural metabolic processes.

Available in 80w, 125w and 160w sizes.

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Repti Planet All in One UVA/UVB Solar Bulb

  • Provides ideal ratio of ultraviolet light (UVA, UVB radiation), visible light and infrared lights (heat) in one bulb.
  • Full-spectrum bulb which promotes physiological processes for example activity, food intake and reproduction.
  • As it produces vitamin D3, it therefore optimizes calcium absorption and ensures the correct development and growth of terrarium animals.

When selecting a bulb, it is necessary to consider not only the type of UVB bulb, but also the species of animal to be bred and the distance of the animal from the source of UVB radiation.

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