Clearseal Premier Viv 36″ x18″ x15″ Grey Bardolino


With a Clearseal Premier Vivarium, you can create the ideal home for your reptile. These are available in many different sizes and are designed to suit a wide variety of different creatures. No tools required, they come ready built with very strong 18mm board and ABS edging. Vivarium cabinets, special builds and other colours are also available.

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Clearseal Premier Vivariums are built to last and provide a safe and secure home for your reptiles.


  • Inside, the board joints are finished off inside with clear silicone sealant to prevent the ingress of moisture from condensation, humidity, cleaning, or spillages.
  • In the back of the unit, plastic ventilation trims are which are situated at both the top and the bottom for a more even airflow.
  • Cable access ports, for the installation of lighting and heating.
  • Stackable, these Premier Vivariums can be stacked as part of your reptile display,
  • Alternatively, you can attach it to one of our matching cabinets.

Front glass doors:

  • Effortless, easy to use, sliding doors make from 4mm float glass.
  • Taller for better viewing purposes.
  • Non-slip handles for easier opening.
  • Lockable, compatible with many different locking devices (not included).
  • Dimensions: 36” L x 18” H x 15” W / 915mm L x 457mm H x 381mm W.
  • Colour: Grey Bardolino
  • Cabinet: available to special order
  • Suitable for: young Bearded Dragons, Rankin Dragons, Corn Snakes, Pythons.

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