Ciano Nexus Pure 15 Cube Aquarium With LED Light


The Ciano Nexus Cube’s are elegant, harmonious, ornate, and innovative nano aquariums. They look great anywhere around the home or workplace, especially on desks, tables, and cabinets. Available in 15 and 25L sizes, (with slightly differing designs) and come with a filter, LED light, and protective cover.

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The cubic design of the aquarium has been finished off beautifully with stand-out polished corners, a fine amount of silicone and a protective clear lid. This nano aquarium really does look something special.
The aquarium comes with an internal filter containing a 30PPI foam and high-performance chemical media. Using this will mean that you can keep fish better and have cleaner, clearer water for longer.
Also included with these models is a high gloss white luminaire holding a white spectrum (6300k) LED light unit. The 25L model has provision to add an extra light module if required. This is excellent for enhancing the appearance of all freshwater fish and growing plants.
A separate aquarium heater, of up to 25w will be required in order to keep tropical fish.
The protective cover prevents fish from jumping out, along with stopping alien objects finding their way in!

Product Information – Equipment Included:

• Colour: White.
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 250mm x 250mm x 315mm (including light).
• Glass thickness: 3mm.
• Cover: clear plastic lid.
• Volume: 14L.
• Weight (empty): 3.3kg
• Instruction guide included.
• Suitability: can be used for keeping tropical fish, shrimps, and plants (small heater of up to 25w required, not included)

Internal Filter:
• Model: Ciano CF40
• Mechanical & Biological Media: Water Foam S 30PPI x 1,
• Chemical Media: *Water Clear & Protection cartridge S x 1.
• Pump Output: 200 litres per hour.
• Dimensions: 35mm x 55mm x 140mm
• Spray bar included (for more uniform water distribution and increased oxygenation).

LED Lighting:
• Model: Ciano CLA20.
• Colour Temperature: 6300k (white spectrum).
• Luminous Flux: 135lm.
• Wattage: 1.5w.
• Voltage: 12vDC with converter.
• Protection Index: IP67.

• For the simple management of the Ciano *Water Clear & Protection cartridge, Ciano has the mobile My CIANO AQUARIUM Application. This allows real-time monitoring of consumable wear, creating alerts for the renewal of the consumables such dosators and filter medias.

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