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The Ciano Aquarium LED range comprises of 6 great value, entry-level starter kits for keeping tropical fish. Comprising of 58, 65 and 71 litre models, these are all available in both black and white coloured finishes. Each aquarium comes with a filter, heater, LED lighting and an instructions guide. Dimensions (LxWxH): 800mm x 300mm x 415mm.

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Their elegant, and functional design, these are perfect starter aquariums and will look good placed anywhere around the home.
The aquariums come with an internal filter containing a 30PPI foam and high-performance chemical media. Using this will mean that you can keep fish better and have cleaner, clearer water for longer.
To keep the water temperature correct for tropical fish, an aquarium heater is also provided. Most species need to be kept between 21 and 28°c.
The CLA60 white spectrum, LED lighting is housed underneath the hinged lid. It is bright, powerful, and economical. The colour temperature (6300k) is perfect for enhancing the appearance of most freshwater fish and plants. It also includes a low voltage transformer. If you wish to upgrade your lighting, there is also space and mounting clips to add a second LED module. You can either add another Ciano CLA60 (white) or even a CLA60 Plants (blue & red) unit for boosting plant growth.

For safety, the aquariums have been built with anti-shock plastic frames, polished corners, and protective covers. The protective cover prevents fish from jumping out, along with stopping alien objects finding their way in!

Product Information – Equipment Included:

• Colour: Black.
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 800mm x 300mm x 415mm.
• Glass thickness: 5mm front pane, 4mm sides and base.
• Cover: hinged with provision to attach two LED light units.
• Lighting unit: 1x Ciano CLA60 (white) LED with mountings for an additional unit (either an extra CLA60 (white) or CLA60 Plants (blue % red)).
• Volume: 71L.
• Weight (empty): 16.62kg.
• Instruction guide included.
• Suitability: tropical & cold-water fish.

Internal Filter:
• Model: Ciano CF80.
• Mechanical & Biological Media: Water Foam M 30PPI x 1.
• Chemical Media: *Water Clear & Protection cartridge M x 1.
• Pump Output: 380 litres per hour.
• Dimensions: 43mm x 62mm x 185mm.
• Spray bar included (for more uniform water distribution and increased oxygenation).

• With built in thermostat.
• Wattage: 100w.

LED Lighting:
• Model: Ciano CLA60.
• Colour Temperature: 6300k (white spectrum).
• Luminous Flux: 900lm.
• Wattage: 8w.
• Voltage: 18vDC with converter.
• Protection Index: IP67.
• Optional upgrade (not included): LED CLA60 Plants (blue & red spectrum) for boosting plant growth.

Recommended/Matching Stand:
• (optional, not included) Ciano Aqua 80 Stand – black (AA182).

• For the simple management of the Ciano *Water Clear & Protection cartridge, Ciano has the mobile My CIANO AQUARIUM Application. This allows real-time monitoring of consumable wear, creating alerts for the renewal of the consumables such dosators and filter medias.

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