Ciano Tartarium 80 – White


The Ciano Tartarium’s are glass terrariums. These come with ramps for accessing dry areas and are finished off with decorative high gloss white base supports. The Tartariums are designed for housing amphibious creatures such as turtles. Small fish can be kept in these too. Dimensions (LxWxH): 790 x 297 x 245mm.

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Tartariums are supplied with a detachable dry area and clip-on access ramps. This can be placed anywhere in the within the Tartarium. The clip-on ramps can be attached on any of the three sides, allowing the creatures to climb out of the water. This provides them with a dry area to rest and bask under a D3 lamp, which is essential for their growth and general welfare.
Attached to the top of this is a clear cover to prevent the creatures from escaping!
Suitable filters, lights, heaters, and stands are not included and are available separately.

Product Information
• Plastic feet colour: high gloss white.
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 790 x 297 x 245mm
• Glass thickness: 4mm.
• Volume: 57L.
• Ramp dimensions (LxWxH): 222 x 130 x 157mm x 2
• Weight (empty): 8.5kg
• Instruction guide included.
• Suitability: small turtles, newts, small fish,
• Stand: Ciano Aqua 80 Stand, Black (AA182) or White (AA182W)

Recommended equipment: (not included)
• Filter: Ciano CF80 (MF191).
• Heater: Betta Premium Aquarium Heater 50w (GD121).
• Lighting (amphibians): Arcadia D3 Basking Lamp 80w (GG230) with Arcadia Reflector Clamp Lamp 14cm (RT212)
• Lighting (fish): Ciano CLA20 Universal LED x 2
• Optional Stand: Ciano Aqua 80 Stand, Black (AA182) or White (AA182w)

These units can also be used for many other things such as aquascaping, a paludarium, quarantining fish, hospital tank for sick fish, growing coral frags, etc.


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