Julidochromis Marliri M

All Julidochromis species are fascinating. They slowly and calmly patrol their territories, seeing off any intruders without any dramas, protecting their young if present. Julidochromis Marlieri (or Chequered Julie) are particularly attractive with their black and off-white patterning. Perfect for most Tanganyikan cichlid aquaria, they can be kept in aquariums 80cm long (ideally larger) and prefer a pH level of anywhere between 7.5 and 8.6. Bright lighting, with lots of rocks over a sandy bed is what is required for these fish. Best kept with other Tanganyikan species, Rainbow’s, or other fish that like the same water conditions. Feed a mix of fine sinking granules, small pellets, and frozen tropical foods.


Julidochromis Marliri M


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