Eheim aquacab 54 – White Aquarium Cabinet


Eheim aquacab 54 are stylish, customised cabinet kits for the Eheim aquastar 54 and 63 aquariums. At 85cm high, it places the aquarium in a perfect position for viewing when you are sat down relaxing. They are easy to assemble and come with a handy cupboard for storing equipment or housing an external canister filter. Available in black or white.

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• Ideally suited for Eheim aquastar 54 LED and aquastar 63 marine complete sets.
• Dimensions: 61cm long x 31cm wide x 85cm high. Also available in black or white.
• Weight: 14kg.

Suitable for use with the following aquariums:
• Eheim aquastar 54 LED aquarium – White
• Eheim aquastar 63 Marine Aquarium – White

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Weight 14.63 kg


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