NT Labs Pro-f Shrimp Enhancer 40g


NT Labs Pro-f Shrimp Enhancer is a supplementary feed specially formulated for most species of freshwater shrimp. These highly palatable and digestible slow-sinking granules provide the required proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that shrimp need to improve their exoskeletons, assist with moulting, and improve their health. Available 40g packs.

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The unique physiology of shrimp among aquarium inhabitants requires a specialised diet.

Along with their staple diet of aquarium algae, Shrimp Enhancer provides supplementary nutrition for their specific requirements.
Blend of animal and plant proteins provides the wide amino acid profile essential for the production of their exoskeletons.
Stabilised vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and multi-vitamin mix to assist in the moulting process along with promoting good health for reproduction.
Small granules allow shrimp to feed without expending energy on food competition.
Highly digestible thereby producing less waste and improved water quality.
NT Labs Pro-f is an assortment of professional quality fish foods that have been developed using the same key principles as used in the award-winning NT Labs Medikoi Food range to ensure high nutrient uptake and very low waste.

Product Information:

Recommended for: freshwater shrimps.
Food type: tiny 0.8-1.2mm slow sinking granules.

Wheat, Soya Dehulled, Extracted, Toasted, Lucerne Protein Concentrate, Spirulina, Lecithin, Wheat Gluten, Krill Meal, Yeast Products (Stimmune), Inulin, Algae (Schizochytrium limacinum).
Vitamins per kg:

Vitamins per kg: A 25000 IU, C 330 mg, D 2430 IU, E 220 mg.
Trace Elements per kg:

3b107 Iron (chelate of protein hydrolysates) 66 mg, 3b202 Iodine (calcium iodate, anhydrous) 5.5 mg, 3b407 Copper (chelate of protein hydrolysates) 5.5 mg, 3b505 Manganese (chelate of protein hydrolysates) 22 mg, 3b612 Zinc (chelate of protein hydrolysates) 66 mg.
Analytical Constituents:

Crude Protein 37%, Crude Oil & Fat 7%, Crude Fibre 1.9%, Crude Ash 9.1%.
Feeding Guide:

Feed twice daily, only the amount your fish will consume in a few minutes.
Do not overfeed and remove any uneaten food.
Feeding Tips:

For treat, try some Shrimp Sticks/lollies which are covered various different food mixes.
Comes in a high-quality, resealable jar which protects the food from the harmful effects of air, and dampness. This makes sure it remains fresh each time to feed it to your fish. Keep contents sealed in original packaging away from direct sunlight. Store in a cool, dry environment.

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