NT Labs Pond Foamclear 250ml


NT Labs Pond Foamclear breaks down froth and surface tension created by an excessive build-up of protein. Available in 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre bottles.

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NT Labs Pond Foamclear 250ml – treats up to 4,550 litres.

NT Labs Pond Foamclear:

Use when you have a build-up of unsightly foam or froth on the water’s surface.
Foamclear breaks this down, allowing good gas exchange between the water and air, helping to maintain the correct pH level.
Does not affect the performance of biological filters.
Product Information:

Recommended for: all garden and koi ponds.
Suitable for all pond fish including Orfe, Rudd and Sterlet/Sturgeons.
Treatment type: liquid, mix with water in a bucket before use.
Harmless to filters, all species of fish, wildlife, and plants.
Dosage & total treatment volume:

Read instructions carefully before use.
Use 10ml per 182 litres (40 gallons).
Usage tips:

Check your pond water quality too before use and test for ammonia, and nitrite.

250ml – treats up to 4,550 litres
500ml – treats up to 9,100 litres
1L – treats up to 18,200 litres

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