NT Labs Pond Blanketweed Balance 4kg


NT Labs Pond Blanketweed Balance prevents the growth of blanketweed in garden ponds. This product contains natural ingredients to re-mineralise and re-balance the water quality helping to keep your pond free of filamentous algae. Available in 400g, 800g, 2kg and 4kg packs.

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NT Labs Pond Blanketweed Balance 4kg – treats up to 50,000 litres

Blanketweed and other filamentous algae’s can be caused by high amounts of sunlight, garden fertilizers leaching in, over feeding, the presence of fish waste and other decaying matter in the pond.

NT Labs Pond Blanketweed Balance is completely safe for use with fish, plants, and biological filtration systems. A cloud will form in the water column which will clear after a few hours, this is perfectly normal and safe.

Product Information:

Recommended for: all garden and koi ponds.
Treatment type: powder, mix with water before adding to your pond. Use as and when required.
Harmless to filters, all species of fish, wildlife, and plants.
Dosage & total treatment volume:

Read instructions carefully before use.
Usage tips:

Check your pond water quality before use (for ammonia, nitrite, pH etc).
Do not use when the dissolved oxygen may be low (e.g. at daybreak, in hot, humid, or thundery weather, or within three hours of feeding).
Increase aeration during use.
UV filters can be left switched on during treatment.
Do not use if your fish are looking unwell or are under treatment.
One week after the treatment has finished, we recommend using NT Labs Pond Sludge Remover to aid the digestion of organic material in the pond.

400g – treats up to 5,000 litres
800g – treats up to 10,000 litres
2kg – treats up to 25,000 litres
4kg – treats up to 50,000 litres

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