NT Labs Koi Care FMG Mixture 2500ml


NT Labs Koi Care FMG Mixture is a powerful anti-parasite and fungus treatment for koi. Treats White Spot, Trichodina, Costia, and Chilodonella. Available in 250ml, 500ml, 1L and 2.5L bottles.

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NT Labs Koi Care FMG Mixture contains Malachite Green and Formaldehyde, formulated for treating sick Koi with a parasite or fungus infection. This ready mixed Koi treatment eliminates the need to mix two separate medications and provides the same level of effectiveness as the two individual components used separately.

NT Labs Koi Care FMG Mixture can be used:

When fish shows signs of parasitic or fungal infections including white spots along the fins and body, flicking, and rubbing, gasping at the surface, an opaque film over the body or fluffy, white growths.
As a disease preventative in early spring and autumn.
Safe to use if Pond Salt Plus is present in the water at 0.3% (or 3g/L).

Product Information:

Recommended for: all koi ponds.
Do not use with Orfe, Rudd, Tench or Sturgeon/Sterlet.
Treatment type: liquid, mix with a bucket of pond water before adding to your pond.
Active Ingredients: Malachite Green 500 mg/100 ml, Formaldehyde 15000 mg/100 ml
Dosage & total treatment volume:

Read instructions carefully before use.
Use 10ml per 364 litres (80 gallons).
Treats up to 91,000 litres.

Usage tips:

Check your pond water quality before use (for ammonia, nitrite, pH etc).
Remove any adsorbent filter media such as carbon or phosphate remover before use (these may remove all or part of the treatment).
Turn off UV filtration (if used) until the medication colour has disappeared from the water.
Increase aeration during treatment.
Do not use when the water temperature is above 30°c
Do not use in hot, humid, and thundery weather.
Do not mix with other medications.

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