NT Labs Koi Care Chlor-Go 250ml


NT Labs Koi Care Chlor-Go rapidly removes harmful chlorine, chloramine & heavy metals from tap water making it safe for use in koi ponds. Also, Chlor-Go can be used during transport of new or existing fish stocks. Available in 250ml, 500ml, 1L and 2.5L bottles.

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Use NT Labs Koi Care Chlor-Go when setting up filling up ponds, topping up from evaporation and carrying out water changes.

If adding fish to your pond or carrying out a water change, use in conjunction with NT Labs Koi Care Filter Bugs to help your filter cope with the increase in fish waste or replenish the filters bacteria.

NT Labs Koi Care Chlor-Go also contains a special protective coating that reduces stress caused by the transportation of fish. This can therefore be used in transportation bags and isolation tanks regardless of whether or not tap water has been used.

Product Information:

Recommended for: all koi ponds.
Treatment type: liquid.
Harmless to filters, all species of fish, wildlife, and plants.
Dosage & total treatment volume:

Read instructions carefully before use.
Use 10ml per 364 litres (80 gallons).
Treats up to 9,100 litres.
Usage tips:

Check your pond water quality before use (for ammonia, nitrite, pH etc).

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