Nishikoi Sinking Pellet Small 760g


Nishikoi Sinking Food is a complete and balanced, sinking pellet food for all pond fish.

This sinking pellet provides the protein required for excellent growth in your bottom feeding fish including Sturgeon and Tench.

Best used when the water temperature is 10°c or higher.

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Nishikoi Sinking Food contains 42% highly digestible protein which allows your fish to utilise it more efficiently, helping to keep waste to a minimum and your pond water cleaner.

The high-performance natural colour enhancing formula of Spirulina, Astaxanthin and Canthaxanthin ensures that any ornamental bottom feeding fish will show off their true colours. It also has extra Vitamin C added to boost fish health.

​Product Information:

  • Recommended for: Sturgeon, Sterlets, Tench and other bottom feeding pond fish.
  • Food type: small sinking pellets.


  • Poultry Meal, Wheat, Fish Oil, Sunflower Meal, Poultry Blood Meal, Lecithin, Hemoglobin Powder, Yeast derived products.


  • Colourants, Antioxidants.

Vitamins per kg:

  • Vitamin A 10000iu, Vitamin D3 1681iu, Vitamin E 200 mg, Vitamin C (stable) 250mg.

Compounds of Trace Elements per kg:

  • Iodine (Calcium Iodate Anhydrous): 5mg, Selenium (Sodium Selenite): 0.2mg, Iron (iron (II) sulphate, monohydrate) 50mg, Copper (Cupric Sulphate Pentahydrate): 5mg, Zinc (Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate): 83mg, Manganese (manganese (II) sulphate, monohydrate) 42mg.
  • E1 Iron (ferrous chelate of amino acids hydrate 60mg, 3b202 Iodine (calcium iodate, anhydrous) 5.0mg, E4 Copper (cupric chelate of amino acids hydrate) 5.0mg, E5 Manganese (manganese chelate of amino acids hydrate) 20mg, 3b606 Zinc (Zinc chelate of amino acids hydrate) 60mg.

Analytical Constituents:

  • Crude Protein 42%, Crude fat 18%, Crude Fibres 1.8%, Crude Ash 7.2%, Phosphorus 1%, Calcium 1.7%, Sodium 0.3%

Feeding Guide:

  • Feed 3 to 4 times daily when the water temperature is 10°c or above.
  • It is advisable not to feed Sinking Food to your fish once the water temperature falls below 10°c due to the slowing of their natural metabolisms.
  • Feed as much Sinking Food to your fish as they can consume in 5 minutes. Any uneaten food should then be removed.

Feeding Tips:

  • It is also recommended that if your pond contains other species of fish, you should feed them first with their usual food to prevent them outcompeting your Sturgeon and other bottom dwelling fish for the sinking pellets.
  • Sturgeon thrive in cold and highly oxygenated water and will remain active in the British winter. Do not forget to offer these fish some food all throughout the year.
  • To feed your fish when you go away in the summer, we recommend using a Betta Pond Food Holiday Block or Tetra Pond Holiday Food. Afterwards, remove any uneaten food before using your regular food again.

All products come in either a high-quality resealable jar, or bucket, which protects the food from harmful effects such as sunlight, air, and dampness. This means important ingredients are protected and the food is kept fresh making sure your fish get the best possible nutrition.

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