Natures Ocean Aragonite Sand #0 20lb


Aragonite Sand is very similar to coral sand and is also a very decorative aquarium substrate. It is commonly used for both marine and reef aquariums as well as hard-water aquariums such as African Rift Lake Cichlid set-ups. It can also be used to stabilise aquarium water in soft water areas where there is no buffering capacity.

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Benefits of Nature’s Ocean® Aragonite Sand:

  • Ideal for reef system tank bottoms
  • Denitrifying anaerobic beds
  • Extremely high surface area filter media
  • Increases Carbonate Hardness
  • Reduces Nitrates
  • 100 % From the Ocean Floor
  • Maintain pH
  • Provide Marine Trace Elements
  • Heat Sterilized
  • Ideal for culturing Live sand

Recommended Uses:

Use at a rate of 10lbs per square foot of the tank floor’s bottom area which yields about a 25mm deep covering. Depending on your needs or preferences the depth may vary from 3mm to 75mm of covering.


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