G4 Green Pigmented 2.5kg


G4 Green Pigmented Pond Sealer is a moisture cured, coloured polyurethane based stone and concrete sealant mixture. This forms a non-porous seal on concrete, brick, or porous stone. ‘Liquid pond liner’, this can be used building new ponds, watercourses/waterfalls, water features, and other similar projects. Also available in black, blue, & clear.

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Usage: (this will depend on porosity of material being treated):

  • Can be applied in temperatures as low as 0°c, and in high humidity too.
  • Minimum of 2 coats required, although we recommend 3.
  • 1 kg treats approximately 2 sq m (21 sq ft) allowing for 2-3 coats.


  • For small fissures and hairline cracks a pointing mixture can be made up of one part G4 to three parts dry sharp sand. (Sand must be totally dry to make up mixture.)
  • The repair can be sealed after 24 hours with the usual two to three coat top application.

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