Evolution Aqua Pure Pond 1000ml


Evolution Aqua PURE POND are biodegradable gel balls crammed full of live bacteria and enzymes for adding to your pond filter.

They get to work breaking down ammonia and nitrite whilst cleaning up organic waste. Can be used when setting up a new pond and for routine maintenance.

Keep these in your filter all year round to maintain excellent water quality.

Available in 500ml, 1000ml and 2000ml containers. 1000ml treats up to 20,000 litres.

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PURE POND balls can be used in any pond filter and work particularly well within the Nexus filtration system helping to smooth out any peaks and troughs in the ammonia / nitrite cycle. Simply add the balls into you biological chamber ideally held within a filter bag where they will agitate alongside the K1 or other media.

The bacteria and enzymes are slowly released when they are needed most to address biological issues in the pond that are often the cause of poor water clarity.

  • Maintains crystal clear and healthy water,
  • Breaks down ammonia and nitrite,
  • Cleans up organic waste,
  • Reduces filter maintenance, and cleaning.
  • Use to start up a new filter.
  • Add monthly as part of regular pond maintenance or to give your filter a boost, especially after adding new fish.
  • It is advised that the these are used all year round, even in winter.
  • Please note PURE POND is not intended to clear green water. An appropriate UVC is recommended to clear green water.
  • Suitable for use in all types of ponds.
  • Treats ponds up to 20,000 litres.

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