Eheim Universal 1200 (1250) Aquarium Water Pump


Eheim Universal aquarium water pumps are solid, powerful, and reliable. These universal pumps can be used for a wide variety of tasks including circulating sump filtered aquariums and powering water features. They also have a strong reputation for their reliability and are commonly used in the trade on commercial installations. The range consists of 5 pumps, ranging from 300 to 3400 litres per hour.

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The pumps are fully submersible but can also be used outside of the water. When used in the water, they must be at least 2cm below the surface.

The pumps feature an intake screen (protects the pump from fish and other aquarium inhabitants getting in), pre-filter foam (which prevents objects from entering the impeller and ensures long performance) and hose connections.

All universal pumps have a hermetically sealed motor body which guarantees maximum safety. The supplied mounting plate enables different mounting options.

• Pump output: 1200 litres per hour.
• Delivery head: max 2.0m.
• Running power: 28w.
• Voltage: 240v / 50Hz.
• Cable length: 1.7m
• Protection index: IPX8.
• Inlet diameter connection/thread (for out of water use): 18 / G1/2” to fit 12/16mm hose.
• Outlet diameter connection/thread: 13 / G3/8” to fit 12/16mm hose.
• Dimensions: 121mm high x 178mm wide x 96mm deep.
• Suitable for indoor use only, in marine and freshwater aquariums, water features.
• Not suitable for use outdoors.
• Manufacturer’s guarantee: 3 years.

These pumps are well known for their reliability. If looked after and maintained correctly, they will run continuously for many years without any problems.

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