Eheim TORF pellets (peat) with Net Bag 1L 450g


Eheim TORF pellets is specially treated acidic filter peat for lowering the pH and reducing the hardness of aquarium water. This is an ideal filter medium if you need to keep your pH level below 7. Suitable for use in external canister, sump, and some internal filters.

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Eheim TORF is rich in valuable substances such as humic acids and trace elements (do not wash it) to lower (acidify) the pH value of the water and reduce its hardness. These pellets should only be used if the pH value of your water is too high for the particular type of fish you wish to keep.

Peat filtration is great for use when creating black water conditions.

Eheim TORF peat expands in the water. You will need to soak it (not wash it) in some aquarium water for a little while before use.

Inside the filter, Eheim TORF should only be used for 3-6 weeks. It needs to be placed in the layering set up of the filter after the mechanical (i.e. Eheim MECH or MECHpro) and the biological filter media (Eheim SUBSTRATpro). For convenience, it is best placed in the filter inside a net bag (provided).

For best results, use 1 pack (450g) per 80 litres and place some Eheim SYNTH or an Eheim fine filter pad (white coloured) directly after the TORF. You can vary this to suit the individual requirements of the aquarium.

IMPORTANT: In order Eheim TORF to work most effectively and retain valuable elements and substances, do not wash before use, or use with any carbon or charcoal. For freshwater use only.

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