Eheim streamON+ 9500 Circulation Pump


Eheim streamON+ flow pumps are for simulating natural water flow patterns found around coral reefs. This increases the oxygen content and helps to create natural living conditions. Available in 3 sizes, delivering up to 9500 litres per hour, and are compatible with the Eheim stream control system.

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Not only is filtration essential in the aquarium, but so is water circulation. This raises the important oxygen levels which is beneficial to fish, especially in crowded tanks.

Their use also helps in the reduction of algae (nutrients have less places to settle) reducing the number of dead/stagnant spots. Maintenance is therefore reduced.

Having strong currents is vital to help keep corals healthy and clean. This also creates interesting activity with how the fish and other creatures move around.

For freshwater aquariums too, having the extra flow is also useful. They are great for fish which come from fast flowing rivers, in Malawi cichlid aquaria and in some planted tanks.

The many features of these pumps include:
• Small and compact dimensions,
• Quiet in operation,
• Low maintenance,
• Extremely energy efficient, low power consumption,
• Manual flow adjustment,
• Compatible with the Eheim Streamcontrol system (MF139),
• Magnetic holder,
• Suitable for use in both marine and in freshwater aquariums.

The magnetic holder can easily be adjusted on the glass, with flexible positioning (horizontally and vertically) or can be swivelled on a ball joint by 180°.

• Recommended for aquariums from: 350 to 500 litres.
• Pump output: 6500-9500 litres per hour.
• Running power: 12w.
• Voltage: 230v / 50Hz.
• Cable length: 2m.
• Suitable glass thickness: 6-12mm.
• Dimensions: 88mm high x 70mm wide x 138mm deep.
• Recommended for use with MF139 Eheim streamcontrol pump controller.
• Suitable for marine and freshwater aquariums.
• Manufacturer’s guarantee: 3 years.

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