Eheim Professionel 4+ 350T Thermo External Filter


The Eheim professionel 4+ ‘s are some of the most advanced external filters on the market. They incorporate many features including the new Xtender function, which maintains constant water flow, even when the filter gets blocked. Available in 5 models, to suit aquariums up to 600 litres, including 2 thermal filter versions which have integrated heaters.

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These filters have many useful features:
• Self-priming (for a quick and easy start),
• Safety hose adapter (tap unit with 2 hose connections) which for safety reasons, can only be released when the valves are closed,
• Prefilter (traps large particles of dirt which can be cleaned regularly, allowing the maintenance period between media cleaning to be extended),
• Filter baskets (individual filter baskets for biological and mechanical media, which can easily be removed, and contents cleaned using the ‘Easy Clean’ grid).

Also with this model, if the fine filter pad becomes blocked, the flow rate can be increased using the new Xtender control function.
By turning the Xtender control knob on the top of the canister, the water will be re-directed but the biological function will be maintained, allowing the cleaning of the filter to be postponed for a few days.
This is to be used in emergencies for when immediate filter maintenance cannot take place.

Other features included are:
• Large filter baskets,
• High quality wear-free ceramic axle and bearings (which guarantee extremely smooth running),
• Large-area safety locking clips (for a tight and secure connection between the pump head and filter container)

There are 5 models to choose from, for aquariums from 120 to 600 litres, including 2 thermo filter versions (for 250 & 350L aquariums) with integrated heaters (freshwater only).
All models include:
• Intake pipe with strainer,
• Outlet elbow and Spray bar,
• Eheim quality hose and installation accessories,
• Coarse pre-filter pad,
• Fine filter pad,
• Biological filter media.

The Eheim Professionel 4+ 350T Thermo filter is an external filter with a built-in heater. It is designed for freshwater aquariums of up to 350 litres.
These powerful and very convenient Thermo filters are not only equipped with the full range of features of the professionel 4+ filter range but also with a high-quality heating element.

They heat and filter your aquarium easily and simply. The built-in heater features an easy to read and precise LED display which shows the exact water temperature.

With the simple press of a button the desired temperature can be precisely and easily set. The integrated temperature control gives an accurate setting from 18-34°c. The heater element itself is protected in the base of the canister, and the heat probe is in the filter container.

Comes complete with 1x coarse filter pad, 1x fine filter pad, filter baskets, MECHpro, bioMECH, and SUBSTRATpro filter media.
• Suitable for aquariums from: 180 to 350 litres.
• Pump output max: 1050 litres per hour.
• Delivery head approx. 1.8m max.
• Running power: 16w.
• Heating power: 210w.
• Voltage: 230v / 50Hz.
• Canister volume: 8.9 litres.
• Filter volume: 4.5 litres + 0.5 litre prefilter.
• Hose diameters: suction side 16/22mm, pressure side 16/22mm.
• Dimensions (HxWxD): 453mm x 238mm x 244mm.
• Suitable for freshwater aquariums only.
• Manufacturer’s guarantee: 3 years.
• Made in Germany.

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