Eheim Professionel 3 1200XL External Filter (2080)


The Eheim Professional 3 1200XL is the largest of the Eheim filters that we offer. In fact, it is so big, it has its own wheels and two inlet pipes! It can hold over 13 litres of filter media and is suitable for aquariums up to 1200 litres!

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The EHEIM professionel 3 1200XL has a square basic shape for a large filter volume and ensures high stability. Thanks to this shape, the filter also fits into corners and takes up little space.
It is a high performance, smooth running and energy efficient external filter with many useful features including:

Self-priming (for a quick and easy start)
• No more complicated suction methods! With the suction aid, the filter system is quickly filled and ready to start immediately.

• A large overhead pre-filter holds back coarse dirt and can be cleaned quickly in between.
• This protects the biological filter material and has a significantly longer service life.
Large filter baskets
• 3x large filter baskets that can be filled individually.
• Individual baskets for biological and mechanical media.
• Can easily be removed for cleaning.
Maintenance and flow rate indicator
• Informs when the filter should be cleaned.

• High flow rate with very low energy consumption
• Adjustable pump output.

Safety hose adapter unit with 3 connections.
• Safety and multifunction adapter hose adapters with easy-to-use locking mechanism. The adapter can only be opened when the hose taps are closed.
• Triple hose connection (2x suction side, 1x pressure side) for perfect water circulation in large aquariums.
Enhanced handling features including:
• Recessed handles.
• Transport castors, make the filter manoeuvrable by tilting it slightly.
• Large-area safety locking clips (for a tight and secure connection between the pump head and filter container).

EHEIM High Performance Ceramics
• High quality wear-free ceramic axle and bearings, which guarantee’s extremely smooth and quiet running. high resilience and an extremely long service life.

Comes with 2 x inlet pipes and strainers, 1 x outlet pipe and spray bar, Eheim hose, and set-up accessories.

Please note that media is NOT supplied with this filter. Eheim recommend that you use their Professionel 3 Media Set 2520800 (MF167), which contains 4L of Eheim MECH, 8L Eheim SUBSTRATpro, 1x prefilter pad and 1x fine filter pad.

This filter is also available with a built-in heater, Professionel 3 1200 XLT Thermo Filter.

• Suitable for aquariums from: 400 to 1200 litres.
• Pump output max: 1700 litres per hour.
• Delivery head approx. 2.6m max.
• Running power: 25w.
• Voltage: 230v / 50Hz.
• Canister volume: 25 litres.
• Filter volume: 12.0 litres + 1.5 litre prefilter.
• Hose diameters: suction side (2x) 16/22mm, pressure side 16/22mm.
• Dimensions (HxWxD): 567mm x 330mm x 330mm.
• Suitable for freshwater and marine aquariums.
• Manufacturer’s guarantee: 3 years.
• Made in Germany.

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