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This pre-filter is for use with external canister filters. It is a remote device that is attached to the intake in place of the strainer. The prefilter traps the majority or coarse dirt particles even before the water reaches the external filter, prolonging cleaning intervals.

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The Eheim Prefilter is compatible with both 12/16mm and 16/22mm intake pipes and its base rests securely on the bottom of the aquarium.

The water is drawn in all round over a wide surface area through the modular baskets which can easily be removed (Easy-Klick), cleaned and replaced. This can be extended with a prefilter canister (Eheim part no.7444610).

Suitable for all Eheim external canister filters except for the electronic models Professionel 3e, 4e, 5e and the Classic 1500XL (2260).

Replacement filter cartridge for Eheim Prefilter:

2618080 Eheim Filter Cartridge Aquaball & Biopower x 2

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