Eheim miniUP Micro Internal Filter


miniUP micro internal filter is for the smallest of aquariums (nano tanks) up to 30 litres. It is small, easy to use, and gives excellent performance. This filter is recommended for use with all tropical and cold-water fish and especially good in small, planted aquariums.

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• Simply to attaches to the side of the tank with suction cups.
• The water is sucked in through vents in the front of the filter carries it through the filter sponge and directs it further up cleaned back into the tank.
• Easy to clean filter cartridge.
• Adjustable high output pump.
• You can also connect an outlet hose to adjust the outflow direction.
• Unobtrusive slim design.

Completely equipped with original Eheim filter pad & is ready to use.

• Suitable for aquariums: up to 30 litres.
• Pump output: max 300 litres per hour (adjustable).
• Delivery head: max 0.5m.
• Minimum water depth: 12cm.
• Filter volume: 79.8cm³.
• Hose connection: pressure side 13mm.
• Running power: 5w.
• Voltage: 230v / 50Hz.
• Protection index: IPX8.
• Dimensions 128mm H x 33mm W x 54mm D.
• Suitable for use in freshwater and marine aquariums.
• Manufacturer’s guarantee: 3 years.

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