Eheim miniFLAT Micro Filter for shallow water


miniFLAT micro internal filter for shallow water areas in vivariums, terrariums, paludariums, and other similar environments. Suitable for use with creatures such as frogs, semi aquatic turtles, crayfish, and other amphibians.

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This distinctive, miniature, and flat, water filter is designed differently to other internal aquarium filters:

• Lies horizontally in the water, rather than hanging vertical.
• Can be used in water as shallow as 4cm.
• Attaches firmly, with 3x suction cups to the bottom of the tank.
• It draws the water in from underneath, pulling it through the filter sponge and directing it, filtered, out through the pump outlet on the top.
• A pipe can be connected to the pump outlet, for use on a waterfall or similar feature in the tank.
• The surface water movement makes the drinking water visible for reptiles.
• The flow rate can be adjusted on the side of the pump.

Completely equipped with original Eheim filter pad & is ready to use.

• Pump output: max 300 litres per hour (adjustable).
• Delivery head: max 0.5m.
• Minimum water depth: 4cm.
• Filter volume: 39.4cm³.
• Hose connection: pressure side 13mm.
• Running power: 5w.
• Voltage: 230v / 50Hz.
• Protection index: IPX8.
• Dimensions 127mm H x 33mm W, 4mm D to 54mm D.
• Suitable for use in freshwater and marine aquariums.
• Manufacturer’s guarantee: 3 years.

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