Eheim KARBON 2L 450g in Net Bag (filter carbon)


Eheim KARBON is granular filter carbon for clarifying and chemically filtering aquarium water. It is great for removing substances such as chlorine, treatment residues and dyes. Can be used in external canister, sump, and some internal filters. Eheim KARBON is for freshwater use only.

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EHEIM filter medias are some of the best in the world. They are highly efficient, developed in their own research laboratories, and made from the best raw materials. They are continually checked and are guaranteed to be free from any harmful substances.

Eheim KARBON is an adsorptive-type filter media, which extracts and binds harmful substances and pollutants from the water.

These substances include:

treatment and medication residues,
tannins, (leeching from aquarium wood),
organic chemicals,
yellow or brown tints in the water,
heavy metals.
Eheim KARBON will be effective at retaining these impurities in your filter for up to 4 weeks. After this time, the KARBON will need replacing. Failure to remove the KARBON may result in some of what has been removed being leached back into the aquarium.

This is particularly suitable for water purification during the set-up phase of an aquarium. It will ‘clean up’ the water, making it suitable and safe for aquatic inhabitants.

Another time for using KARBON is if you have added some wood to your aquarium and the water goes a little cloudy. KARBON will remove this colouration but be patient as the woods can continue to leach the tannins for quite a while.

Eheim KARBON does not remove ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, or phosphate. Do not use or remove when using the following:

fish disease treatments,
liquid fish food supplements such as vitamin boosters,
catappa or other conditioning leaves,
black water tonic, liquid catappa or other similar water conditioners,
plant foods,
Eheim KARBON is pH neutral and contains no phosphates so it is perfectly safe and will not alter any of the water parameters in the aquarium.

Inside the filter, Eheim KARBON should be used for only a short time (4 weeks). It needs to be placed in the layering set up of the filter after the mechanical (i.e. Eheim MECH or MECHpro) and the biological filter media (Eheim SUBSTRATpro). For convenience, it is best placed in the filter inside a net bag.

For best results, use 225g per 200 litres and place some Eheim SYNTH or an Eheim fine filter pad (white coloured) directly after the KARBON. This will give the water that final ‘polish’ before it re-enters the aquarium.

Eheim KARBON is suitable for freshwater use only. After the packaging has been opened, any new or unused KARBON should be kept in an airtight container to keep the product in its best possible condition for future use.

For guidance, Eheim KARBON 2L is sufficient for 400 litres for 4 weeks or a variation of.
Comes conveniently supplied in a net bag.

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