Eheim Incpiria 230 Graphite/Rustic Oak Aqua. Set


Eheim Incpiria are ‘top of the range’ aquariums that are manufactured using the best materials. Supplied with high-quality black glass covers, unobtrusive pipe work, plus the highly effective and efficient EHEIM powerLED+ lighting. Aquarium & cabinet combination dimensions (LxWxH): 700mm x 600mm x 1440mm volume 230L.

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With an Eheim incpiria, you have an innovative, and radically designed aquatic masterpiece! The Eheim incpiria aquarium and cabinet combinations have been well thought-out and constructed using the best materials and immaculate workmanship. This makes them one of the most beautiful, elegant, and practical aquariums on the market.

Whether you choose to have a bustling community of lively fish or a stunning aquascape, one of these combinations will really look the part anywhere around your home.

There are 25 models available, featuring 5 popular colour combinations across 5 different sizes.

  • Alpine (white),
  • Alpine/Nature,
  • Graphite,
  • Graphite/Nature,
  • Graphite/Rustic Oak.


  • Incpiria 230 – 70cm (230 litres),
  • Incpiria 330 – 100cm (330 litres),
  • Incpiria 430 – 130cm (430 litres),
  • Incpiria 530 – 160cm (530 litres),
  • Incpiria 630 – 200cm (630 litres).

All four sizes are 60cm wide and 65cm deep to allow ample space for creating your underwater world.

The aquarium is made from high-quality, distortion-free float glass, with diamond-cut, mirror welded edges to allow a clear view of your aquatic creation whilst ensuring maximum safety.

In the top of the aquarium are high-quality black glass sliding covers, LED lighting, with an integrated shaft for hoses, cables, and other installations.

In the base at the rear of the aquarium, there is an unobtrusive water return which allows the water to go to the external filter.

The cabinet comes fully assembled with plenty of room to house an external filter and a CO² fertiliser system.

The stand-out feature of the cabinet is the atmospheric LED lighting bar. This runs for the full length of the aquarium and is controlled by the new EHEIM RGBcontrol+e. The wireless control allows millions of shades of atmospheric lighting in the furniture and replaces the remote control that was previously included. You will be able to find a colour to suite your mood and relax whilst gazing into your aquatic realm.

Filtration and heating are not included with these aquariums. We recommend using external canister filters from the Eheim Professionel 4+ and 5e ranges with an Eheim Thermocontrol or Thermocontrol e heater.


Product Information:


  • Colour: Graphite/Rustic Oak.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 700mm x 600mm x 650mm (total with cabinet 700mm x 600mm x 1400mm).
  • Glass thickness: 8mm.
  • Volume: 230L.
  • Weight (empty): 99kg.
  • Instruction guide included.
  • Suitability: recommended for use a tropical or cold water set up.
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee: 2 years.

The LED lighting is provided by Eheim powerLED+ units. This aquarium is supplied with two units, 1 x Eheim powerLED+ fresh daylight & 1x powerLED+ fresh plants.

Eheim LEDcontrol+e (4200140) wireless lighting controllers are also available (but not included) for these units. Using one of these will allow you to do many things including controlling the brightness, plus simulating sunrise, and sunset, along with cloud and moonlight effects.

Eheim powerLED+ fresh daylight.

  • Colour Temperature: 6750k (white spectrum).
  • Luminous Flux: 2595lm.
  • Beam Angle 120°.
  • Wattage: 17.3w.
  • Voltage: 240v / 50Hz.
  • Cable length: 2m.
  • Energy Efficiency Class: A++
  • Average Life: 50,000 hours (13-14 years at 10 hours per day).
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee: 3 years.

Eheim powerLED+ fresh plants.

  • Colour Temperature: 9200k (white/blue/green spectrum).
  • Luminous Flux: 1941lm.
  • Beam Angle 120°.
  • Wattage: 19.9w.
  • Voltage: 240v / 50Hz.
  • Energy Efficiency Class: A.
  • Average Life: 50,000 hours (13-14 years at 10 hours per day).
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee: 3 years.

Filtration and heating are not included. We recommend an Eheim Professionel 4+ 350 external filter with an Eheim Thermocontrol or Thermocontrol e 200w heater. Alternatively, for more convenience you could use an Eheim Professionel 4+ 350T which has a built-in heater (suitable for freshwater use only).


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