Eheim FIX mechanical filter media 1L 50g


Eheim FIX is pre-filtering and fine filter material for use between mechanical and biological media. This is where the larger dirt particles are trapped thus removing them from the water before entry into the biologically functioning filter layers.

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Eheim FIX acts as a separation layer between the mechanical and biological filter media and is ideal for use after a layer of Eheim MECH or MECHpro.

This specially formed filter material is reusable and suitable for both fresh and saltwater.

Eheim FIX can be used in most external canister and sump filters. To fit an Eheim external filter, we also offer Eheim coarse filter pads to achieve the same result.

EHEIM filter medias are some of the best in the world. They are highly efficient, developed in their own research laboratories, and made from the best raw materials. They are continually checked and are guaranteed to be free from any harmful substances.

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