Eheim Filter Cartridge Aquaball & Biopower x 2


Replacement foam filter cartridge for Aquaball and all Biopower internal filters. These high-quality foam cartridges mechanically trap dirt particles and friendly nitrifying bacteria colonises in the pores. Can be reused many times over, replace when they lose their shape. Contains 2 filter cartridges.

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Replacement fine filter pads for the follow models:

Aquaball 60 (2401), 130 (2402) & 180 (2403) internal filters.
Aquaball 2208, 2210 & 2212 internal filters.
Biopower 160 (2411), 200 (2412) & 240 (2413) internal filters.
Top tip:

It is advisable that you clean the filter medias in old aquarium water during maintenance. Do NOT clean the filter medias in tap water as chlorine and chloramines will remove the beneficial nitrifying bacteria that have colonised during the maturation of the aquarium.

EHEIM filter medias are some of the best in the world. They are highly efficient, developed in their own research laboratories, and made from the best raw materials. They are continually checked and are guaranteed to be free from any harmful substances.

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