Eheim Diffusor for Installations SET 12/16 16/22mm


The Eheim Power Diffusor gives your aquarium a constant blast of bubbles, increasing the all-important oxygen levels in your aquarium. This device is designed to be attached on to the Installations SET 2, in place of the spray bar attachment.

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The diffusor draws in fresh air from the outside of the aquarium, and this enriches the aquarium water with oxygen. The supply of oxygen is necessary particularly for sparsely planted tanks, cold-water set-ups, marine aquariums, and high-oxygen loving fish. Small and simple to fit, the air flow can be adjusted with a pressure adjusting clamp.

Fits Installations SET 2 both 12/16mm & 16/22mm kits.
Suitable for a maximum water flow of up to 600 litres per hour.

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