Eheim Clearscape 73 Black Aquarium Set


Eheim Clearscape Aquarium Sets are a range of tank and cabinet combinations for aquascapers. 4 models in the range, from 73 to 300 litres.

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Eheim Clearscape Aquarium Set provides you with an excellent starting point for your aquascape.
The aquarium is made using the purest white glass and bonded together with transparent silicone. This is built to a rimless design, (without braces or bars) to give you unobstructed views of your underwater masterpiece.
The strong, stylish cabinet comes in a textured black finish, with additional openings on the rear and sides for cables and hoses. The dual brush finished openings in the sides add a nice touch.
The handle less doors feature push to open, soft-close hinges with magnetic door fastening snaps. Inside the cabinet is ample space for an external canister filter, CO² fertilisation set and storage of maintenance equipment.
This clever design also has the option of having red highlighted edges on the top of the doors or simply have the plain version, just by swapping and turning the doors over.

Features and benefits:
• Open top aquarium set without cover and lighting.
• Ideal for aquascaping.
• Built with purest white glass for clearest viewing.
• Rimless design, no bracing of strengthening bars required.
• Diamond-ground, highly polished edges for the perfect finish.
• Aquarium bonded together with transparent silicone.
• Sturdy and stable cabinet with a scope for different style combinations.
• Excellent quality workmanship.
• Stylish, black textured (Nero) finish.
• Handle-less doors with soft-close, “push to open“ door hinges.
• Red highlighted edge can be changed by turning the doors around.
• Doors are fastened with magnetic snaps.
• Lots of space inside for filters and accessories.
• Side panels fitted with concealed openings for cables and hoses (alternative to passing through the rear wall, popular with aquascapers)
• Compatible with Eheim’s extensive range of accessories such as lighting, filters, CO2 kits, etc.
• Available in four sizes: 73, 175, 200, & 300L.
• Built in Germany.
• 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

AA085 – Eheim Clearscape 73 Nero Aquarium Set
Product Information
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 600x350x350mm (total with cabinet 600x350x1150mm).
• Glass type: white.
• Glass thickness: 5mm.
• Volume: 73L.
• Suitability: recommended for use as an aquascape or planted set up.
• Manufacturer’s guarantee: 3 years.
• Colour: textured “nero” / black.
• Dimensions: 600x350x800mm
• 2x doors, 1 shelf.

Lighting, filtration, and heating are not included.
We recommend the following:
Lighting (either of):
• Eheim PowerLED+ 487mm fresh daylight with or without fresh plants, or power RGB.
• Eheim ClassicLED 550mm daylight fresh water with or without plants freshwater.
Filtration & Heating:
• Eheim Ecco Pro 130 external filter, or Aqua 160/Biopower 160 internal filter.
• Heating: Eheim Thermocontrol/Thermocontrol e 75w heater.
• Alternatively, for more convenience you could use an Eheim Professionel 4+ 350T which have a built-in heaters.


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