Eheim 12/16mm Installations SET 1 – Intake


Installations SET 1 is a universal, modular intake pipe set, suitable for use with not only Eheim but many other brands of pipe work and filters too. Using one of these will enable you fit pipework into many different aquariums including those with awkwardly placed bracing bars. The length can easily be altered to suit deeper or shallower tanks.

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This is a basic set for attaching to the inlet/suction side of all external filters. It is universal in that can be fitted in various places and it can be lengthened, shortened or (with some elbow pieces) adapted to suit. With this set you can decide where the water will be drawn from your aquarium. This set is completely safe, and it will give you a watertight hose connection.

Easy cleaning:

The flexible pipe work can easily be cleaned without disconnecting. The cap is removed from the top of the hose connector, and a cleaning brush can easily be inserted down the pipe work. You have choice of using either an Eheim 100cm long brush or the 160cm Eheim Flexible Brush Set.

SET 1 is long enough to comfortably fit a 50cm deep aquarium. However, if your aquarium is deeper, you can fit some extension pipes to suit (Eheim part no. 4009610).

SET 1 comes with the following:

Connector and hose coupling.
Suction cup with clip (x2).
Extension pipes (x3).
Inlet Strainer.
Sealing rings.
Recommended accessories for adapting your installation:

4009610 – Eheim Extension Tube for Installations SET 1

Contains 2 extension pieces, each able to lengthen the pipe work by 9cm per piece.
4009630 – Eheim Installations SET 1+2 Elbow Piece

1x 90° elbow piece (for enabling you to get into tight tricky spots).
There is also a matching set for the outlet side of filter, Installations SET 2 which is supplied with a spray bar but has many other options too.

This set is part of Eheim’s modular installation range which consists of many coordinated components. This allows you to design and expand your water connections to suit your wishes.

These sets can be connected to all EHEIM external filters.

4004300 – Eheim 12/16mm Installations SET 1 – Intake

Compatible with 12/16mm Eheim quality hose and some other brands. For maintenance, we recommend using any of the following cleaning brushes:

4004551 – Eheim Cleaning Brush 100cm For Hose 12/16mm.
4005570 – Eheim Flexible Brush Set (160cm long pull through type).
4009560 – Eheim Set of Cleaning Brushes (short brushes for detailed cleaning of small parts).

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