Dennerle Plant System S7 250ml


Dennerle Plant System S7 provides vital and missing substances for large and demanding plant aquaria. These include essential micro nutrients, and trace elements that help maintain plants health and promote balanced growth. Use weekly, this 250ml bottle will treat up to 8,000L.

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Dennerle Plant System S7 supplies the plants with all necessary vitamins, trace elements and other vital substances needed in the short term.

Vital micronutrients, plants, fish, and the filter microorganisms all need numerous minerals, trace elements and other essential substances.

These micro-nutrients are usually insufficiently present in tap water and should therefore be regularly supplied to the aquarium.

For best results, use with Dennerle V30, E15, and CO2 fertilizers.


Liquid plant growth promoter using fertilizer:

  • 06 % N total nitrogen.
  • 65 % K2O water-soluble potassium oxide.
  • 07 % organic matter.

Starting substances:

  • NP fertilizer 1.8 + 20 with trace nutrients.

Secondary constituents:

  • 14 % Mg magnesium, 0.41 % S sulphur, 0.008 % B boron, 0.002 % Cu copper, 0.001 % Co cobalt.

Preserving agents:

  • Contains potassium sorbate and sodium formate as preservatives.

Additionally contains:

  • 065 % Fe iron, 0.026 % Mn manganese, 0.004 % Mo molybdenum, 0.002 % Zn zinc, 0.0006 % Al aluminium, 0.001 % Li lithium, 0.00006 % Ni nickel, 0.0003 % V vanadium.

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