Dennerle Nano Corner Filter XL


Dennerle Nano Corner Filter 60 is perfect for small aquariums (up to 60L), especially those containing shrimps or crabs. It is small, compact, easy to use, and fits neatly into the corner of the tank. This filter is recommended for use with all nano tropical fish and invertebrates and especially good in small, planted aquariums.

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• Simply to attaches to the side of the tank with suction cups.
• The water is sucked in through vents in the front of the filter, into the filter element and out through the pump back into the tank.
• Large surface area for filter bacteria to colonise to make crystal clear and healthy water.
• Easy to clean filter cartridge.
• Smooth, quiet, and adjustable high output pump.
• Energy saving, power consumption only 2w!
• Outlet rotatable by 90°.
• Can be used horizontally or vertically.
• You can also fit an outlet hose if required.

• Pump housing.
• Filter housing (two-part), with filter elements.
• Setting knob for water flow rate.
• Outflow pipe, rotatable by 90°.
• Nozzle tube (spray bar) with cleaning hatch.
• Connector.
• Elbow.
• Sponge (2 pieces).
• Cleaning brush for nozzle tube (spray bar).

• Suitable for aquariums: up to 60 litres.
• Pump output: max 150 litres per hour (adjustable).
• Running power: 2w.
• Voltage: 230v / 50Hz.
• Protection index: IPX8.
• Main lead: 1.4m
• Maximum immersion depth: 50cm.
• Maximum permissible water temperature: 35°c
• Dimensions 280mm H x 100mm W x 60mm D.
• Suitable for use in freshwater aquariums.
• Manufacturer’s guarantee: 2 years, (except wearing parts).

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