Cloverleaf Absolute Koi Insects Treats 850g


Cloverleaf Absolute Koi Insect Treats with Garlic are natural colour enhancers for Koi and other pond fish.

This is a highly palatable 6-8mm larvae shaped, floating feed which is easily digested, giving the fish more energy and resistance against disease.

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  • Insect based treats containing no fish meal or fish oils.
  • Rich in Astaxanthin to enhance the colour of your Koi.
  • Contains a digestive aid and gut bacteria booster.
  • With garlic which is a great attractant and improves disease resistance.
  • 45% high protein floating insect Koi treat.
  • Specifically developed for feeding surface feeding species.
  • Blended to Cloverleaf’s unique recipe.

Cloverleaf Absolute Koi Insects Treats is made to a scientifically proven to nutrient-rich recipe, comparable with the fish’s natural feeding diet in the wild where the fish feed on all sorts of aquatic insects. It also has the benefits of a live food treat but without any of the risks of introducing any parasites or bacteria that they could contain and result in infecting your fish.

By offering your fish Absolute Koi Treat they will be getting all of the essential vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids that fish lack when being fed a standard diet.

Absolute Koi Treats rapidly become soft by absorbing water whilst retaining its unique larvae shape. These are also non-clouding and will not discolour the pond water.


Additional Information:

Absolute Koi Treats are produced using three different-sized larvae shapes to stimulate the natural feeding pattern of the Koi.

Feeding Guide:

  • Feed 2-3 daily at the amount your fish will completely consume in a few minutes. Care should be taken to avoid overfeeding.

Size: 6-8mm.


  • Vitamin C source: ascorbic acid polyphosphate.
  • Ash 8.3%, Protein 45%, Fat 12%, Crude Fibre 3.3%, Calcium 1.5%, Total P 0.96, Sodium 0.2.

Vitamins added:

  • Vitamin A (IE/kg) 10001 Vitamin D3 (IE/kg) 3000

Energy (Mj/kg)

  • Gross Energy 23.1, Digestible Energy 19.9.

Trace elements (mg/kg)

  • Copper 5.0mg, Iodine 5.0mg, Iron 60mg, Manganese 20mg, Zinc 60mg, Selenium 0.2mg, Astaxanthin 25mg, Garlic extract 1000mg.

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