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Cloverleaf Absolute Bio Pearls are for maintaining healthy, clean, clear water in ponds and aquariums. Each pearl contains millions of microscopic nitrifying bacteria, and a combination of fast acting bioactive enzymes that rapidly remove ammonia and nitrite. Simply add them to your filter and they will start working straight away. 100% safe to use with all freshwater fish, plants, and other wildlife. Contains 75 pearls, sufficient to treat up to 1875L.

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• Rapidly breaks down harmful levels of ammonia & nitrite.
• Reduces sludge and waste levels produced by dead algae, detritus, and fish food.
• Quickly restores loss in biological filtration systems.
• Helps to leave water crystal clear.
• Reduces the build-up of unsightly sludge levels.
• Size: 18mm diameter.
• Contains 75 pearls.
• Treats up to 1875L.

• Suitable for use in smaller planted ponds, wildlife ponds, along with coldwater & tropical aquariums.
• Safe for use with all species of freshwater fish, plants, and filter systems.
• Harmless to shrimps, snails, newts, frogs, toads, and all other pond wildlife.
• Read instructions before use.

Top tip:
• We recommend adding these pearls to any filter even if you are not experiencing any water quality problems. By having these in place they are ready to get working should a problem occur such as accidental over feeding or the unexpected death of any fish.

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