Clearseal 24″ Ambience Aq Set Grey Concrete *New*


Clearseal Ambience is a high-quality plug + play aquarium set, designed, assembled, and delivered in the UK.

This modern, simple, and elegantly designed tank comes with a pre-assembled cabinet, which features soft closing doors and drawers made of 18mm board.

The set also comes complete and ready to use with Eheim LED plant lighting, a Betta Choice canister filter, and a Betta heater.

Available in 4 different sizes up to 60” (411L), and 3 modern and trendy colours.

Measures 24” L x 24” H x 18” W and holds 162 litres.

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Clearseal Ambience aquariums are made with 8mm thick float glass and come complete with an open top pelmet, base mat, and sliding cover plates. In this space there is lots of room to place the included lighting with scope to add more if required.

The extremely trendy cabinets come ready assembled, being made from 18mm board with ABS edging and feature soft closing drawer and doors. This provides storage space for the included external filter and other accessories.

Included is some carefully chosen technical equipment, which are perfectly matched to these aquariums. The excellent quality Betta Choice Canister Filters fit neatly inside the cabinet, a Betta Compact aquarium heater will keep the water at the chosen temperature, and the Eheim classicLED plants is the perfect LED light for a planted community set up.

Product Information:

Equipment Included:

  • Eheim 550mm LED plant lighting (GG544),
  • Betta Choice 700 Canister Filter (MF638),
  • Betta 200w heater (GD117).

(Total energy usage 224.2w)


  • Colour: Grey Concrete.
  • Aquarium dimensions (LxHxW): 610mm x 600mm x 450mm.
  • Glass thickness: 8mm.
  • Volume: 162L.
  • Open top pelmet (LxHxW) : 655mm x 145mm x 470mm.
  • Total height: 1520mm.
  • Sliding cover plates and base mat included.


  • Cabinet dimensions (LxHxW): 675mm x 710mm x 480mm.
  • 1 door / 1 drawer / shelf.

Total height of aquarium, cabinet, & pelmet set: 1520mm.

Other information:

  • Suitability: recommended for use a tropical or cold-water set up.
  • 5-year manufacturers guarantee against aquarium leakage.


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