Ciano EN Pro 100 Mystic Aquarium 201L


The all-new Ciano Emotions Pro range mingles elegant styling, clever features, and unswerving technology. Emotions Pro comes with the new CFBIO XL filter which has greater capacity and more complete mechanical, biological and chemical filtration. It also includes built-in heater and a more economical LED lighting system with improved light quality. Aquarium only dimensions (LxWxH): 1024mm x 402mm x 610mm volume 201L.

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Stylish and purposeful.
As is already typical of Ciano, Emotions Pro is manufactured with excellent quality materials, in which the lacquered aluminium frames are outstanding! The lid allows full access to the aquarium, enabling easy and convenient decoration and maintenance.

As an option (highly recommended), you can purchase a matching or contrasting cabinet for your Emotions Pro which has been developed with the same lines and style that provide you with a perfect set.

Main stand-out features of the aquarium:
• Frames in lacquered aluminium.
• Lid, with full access to the aquarium.
• Food lid for the installation of an automatic feeder.
• Modified cable passage, to keep pump and heater leads neat and tidy.
• Provision for installing an external canister filter (not included).
• Available in 3 colours: gloss black, gloss white, and the new mystic!
• Optional (purchased separately) 3 different cabinet choices, black, white, and mystic.

CFBIO XL Filtration System:
• Filtration is provided by the all-new powerful and efficient Ciano CFBIO XL which offers all round improvements with extra capacity to the mechanical, biological, and chemical performance. The heater and circulation pump is also enclosed within this unit.

Lighting: Ciano® LED System:
• Economic, powerful, dimmable*, and adaptable are the features of the new Ciano® CLE range. This new LED lighting system from Ciano® offers greater light output with less consumption of electricity.
• (Dimmable*, dimmer switch not included. To use this function, you will need to purchase a dimmer switch separately, available from various electrical retailers)

Fish Protection Dosator XL:
• Ciano Fish Protection Dosator offers disease and illness protection for all kinds of freshwater fish using natural plant extracts. It is applied using this dosing device which is ideal for controlled, continuous, and the worry-free addition of the solution for a period of 60 days.

This aquarium and its components are guaranteed for a period of 2 years.

Product Information – Equipment Included

• Colour: Mystic
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 1024mm x 402mm x 610mm (total with cabinet 1024mm x 402mm x 1430mm).
• Glass thickness: 6mm sides, 8mm base.
• Volume: 201L.
• Weight (empty): 45.59kg
• Instruction guide included.
• Suitability: recommended for use a tropical or cold water set up.

Internal Filter:
• Model: Ciano CFBIO XL
• Mechanical Media: Water Foam Coarse XL x 1, Water Foam XL x 1, Water Pad XL x 1.
• Biological Media: Water Bio-Bact XL cartridge x 2.
• Chemical Media: Water Clear & Protection XL cartridge x 1.
• Pump Output: 600 litres per hour.
• Heater: 200w

LED Lighting:
• Model: Ciano CLE100.
• Colour Temperature: 6500k (white spectrum).
• Luminous Flux: 2700lm.
• Wattage: 30w.
• Voltage: 24vDC with converter.
• Protection Index: IP67.
• *Optional add-on (not included): LED CLE100 Plants (blue & red spectrum) for boosting plant growth.

Recommended/Matching Cabinet:
• AA205 – Ciano EN Pro 100 Mystic Cabinet



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