Blagdon Midipond Pond Filter 28000 with 24w UVC


To maintain the perfect pond, with crystal clear water and healthy fish, you are going to require a good filter with a UVC. Blagdon Midipond filters are complete filter systems which are suitable for medium sized garden or small sized Koi ponds. With their unique seven stage filter design, only a minimal amount of maintenance is required.

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The Blagdon Midipond range contains filters which are suitable for ponds up to 28,000 litres.

Their unique seven stage filter process has been specifically designed to provide a crystal clear and healthy pond with minimal maintenance.

  1. High performance Ultra-Violet Clarifier (UVC) kills green water algae.
  2. The spray bar oxygenates water creating the ideal environment to generate friendly bacteria.
  3. A steel screen collects large waste.
  4. Different grades of foam filter pads trap dirt and smaller waste.
  5. Friendly bacteria colonise in the ceramic biological filter media, preventing the build-up of harmful ammonia and nitrite.
  6. Replaceable polymer wool pads remove fine waste particles and polish the water.
  7. Carbon impregnated pad removes chemical pollutants.

When used correctly, clear water is guaranteed with a Blagdon Midipond pond filter.

Easy to clean:

  • The large, hinged lid allows for easy access for checking and removal of the filter media for cleaning.
  • The polymer wool and carbon can easily be removed and replaced by pulling out the cartridge.


Suitability, recommended maximum pond sizes:

Without fish:

  • (over 75cm deep) in shade: 28,000 litres.

With fish:

  • Over 75cm deep in shade: 14,000 litres.
  • Under 75cm deep in shade: 10,500 litres.
  • Over 75cm deep in full sun: 10,500 litres.
  • Under 75cm deep in fun sun: 7,875 litres.
  • Under 75cm deep with KOI in full sun: 3,935 litres.

Filter box:

  • Dimensions: 520mm L x 470mm W x 400mm H.
  • Inlet pipe connections19mm, 25mm, 32mm and *40mm (*40mm recommended).
  • Outlet pipe connections: 4 x 40mm to fit flexible hose. It is recommended that a minimum of 2x are used.

Ultra-Violet Clarifier:

  • Pipe connections19mm, 25mm, 32mm and *40mm (*40mm recommended).
  • Maximum flow rate though UVC: 7,000 litres per hour.
  • Running power 24w.
  • UVC lamp: 24w PL with 2G11 fitting.
  • UVC cable length 5m.
  • Voltage: 230v / 50Hz.
  • Protection index: IP56.

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