Blagdon Fit and Wild Pond Sticks 675g


Blagdon Fit & Wild Pond Sticks is a new fishmeal free diet for all pond fish.

It is made from highly palatable insects and crustaceans, just like they would eat in the wild.

Suitable for all pond fish species including Goldfish, Shubunkins, and Koi.

Available in 180g, 675g and 1.6kg packs.

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Blagdon Fit & Wild Pond Sticks is a fishmeal free food, instead made with insects and crustaceans, making it the natural choice.

Unfortunately, every year, the world’s oceans are raided of billions of fish to make fishmeal.

FIT & WILD has been formulated to be completely fishmeal free to protect oceans resources, yet still provides the complete nutrition your fish require.

In the wild, goldfish and most other pond species do not eat other fish, yet we still feed them fishmeal-based diets.

Instead, most have evolved to eat insects and small crustaceans, and have developed a digestive system to fit.

That is why FIT & WILD has been formulated with four different insects and crustaceans to give your goldfish the best and most natural diet possible to keep them fit and healthy.


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