Betta H7 47L Aquarium Starter Kit-White w/Blk edge


Betta Lifespace Starter Kits are a complete aquarium system which includes LED lighting, trickle filter and accessories. These are a great, modern, and safer alternative to a traditional Goldfish bowl. Lifespace aquariums are suitable for holding Goldfish types, and with the addition of a small heater, tropical fish can be kept too.

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Our Betta Lifespace aquariums have been a best seller for us for a very long time. We now have a full ‘Starter Kit’ option for the range which includes the accessories the consumer needs to get a Goldfish tank up and running.

Kit includes:

  • Blue gravel.
  • LCD thermometer.
  • Small ornament.
  • Artificial plant.
  • Fish net.
  • NT Labs Aquarium Tap Water Safe.
  • NT Labs Aquarium Filter Starter.

With the addition of a small heater, these aquariums become brilliant tropical starter or ‘nano’ set ups, suitable for a wide array of species including Guppies, Platys, Betta’s, Shrimps, and even shell-dwelling cichlids!

Plants too can be successfully grown within these aquariums.

These aquarium comes with a 12-month manufacturers guarantee.



  • Volume: 47L,
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 450mm x 290mm x 460mm.


  • LED lighting 7W,
  • Low voltage 12V,
  • Waterproof, Ingress Protection Rating IP67.


  • Pump max output of 350 l/h.
  • Running power 5W.
  • 3-stage, 2x pads and carbon pellets.

Recommended aquarium heater: (our code GD114) Betta Compact Heater 50w or equivalent.

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